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Appointments And Rescheduling

Desert Pearl Dentistry carefully schedules appointments to afford quality care for each of our patients. When you miss or change your appointment without any advance notice, the time we created for you cannot readily be given to someone else who may need it. We ask that if you must change an appointment, please give us 48 hours advance notice. When you do this, we may be able to schedule someone on our short-notice list who is eager to proceed with treatment. Remember too, that when you postpone recommended treatment you jeopardize your own dental health. If you are having treatment under pre-authorization from your insurance company, please be advised that continual postponement of authorized work may disallow your claim. Pre-authorization often has specific time limits for allowing treatment to be completed. So, it helps you and us when you keep your dental appointments! During your dental appointment, you will be asked to complete a health history questionnaire or to update an existing health history that we already have on record. Please understand that dentistry is a form of medical treatment. Therefore, we must know your current health history so that recommended treatment does not conflict or pose any unnecessary health risk to you. If you are on medication, we need to know this because we want to be sure to prescribe a compatible medication if you happen to need a prescription as part of your treatment. Dental health is a vital part of your total health. Please help us keep you healthy. Complete your health history questionnaire accurately and let us know of any changes in your health or medications at each appointment.
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