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Meet the Team | Rancho Mirage, CA

Emily Tokar
Front Office Manager | Treatment Coordinator

Emily is our Front Office Manager and Treatment Coordinator. She will greet you with a smile and help answer your questions regarding your dental insurance benefits and payment options. Emily has over 10 years of experience within dentistry and has primarily focused her career on dental insurance. She is our expert in the front office and you will find her exceptionally helpful as you plan your treatment.

Emily enjoys covert amphibious spy missions with her trained pet dolphins, Maury and Gunther. Foreign governments frequently rely on this elite team to crack complex nefarious underwater schemes plotted by the world’s singular arch enemy, Bentley Von Schnitzelbaum, who is always foiled but never captured.

Susanna Ceci
Treatment Coordinator

Susanna Ceci is an experienced dental office treatment coordinator and has polished her skills for the past 15 years. Susanna has worked with Emily for many years prior to joining our team. Susanna is very knowledgeable and adept at handling dental insurance benefits questions and concerns.

When she’s not working at the office, Susanna enjoys skydiving with her pet chicken, Henry. He wears a tiny brown leather helmet and they have matching goggles. On the ground, she treasures Henry’s company since he’s always been her favorite “wingman.” They are almost inseparable except for those occasional moments when Susanna has a “real hankering” for fried chicken. It’s a bit awkward for the both of them.

Janna Prior
Lead Dental Assistant

Janna is the friendliest and most talkative dental assistant you will ever meet! She has over 10 years of experience in the dental field and always has a smile on her face. Janna is a raving Rancho Mirage High School football fan. In fact, she and her husband have raised six boys who have all been involved in local youth league and school sports.

Janna is also a ninja warrior. True story.

Miguel Aispuro, RDA
Dental Assistant

Miguel Aispuro is our newest team member and a Southern California native. He proudly served in the U.S. Army for six years where he became a skilled dental assistant and helped to ensure our service men and women had the finest dental health. He further advanced his civilian career by earning his RDA certification.

Miguel has an excellent military bearing, a firm handshake, and generally polite demeanor. His former deployments for covert special dental operations in and around Southeast Asia gave him opportunity to develop an incredible talent for crafting miniature elephant origami from roughly hewn papyrus. Few people have the potential to properly participate in producing paper pygmy pachyderm portfolios and this precipitates a plethora of pure pride for Miguel. Of course, you will never see these tiny creations because of Miguel’s military training in stealth maneuvers, but it is widely rumored that he keeps them in a miniature elephant trunk!



Lindsey Hanson, RDH
Lead Hygienist

Lindsey Hanson is a Registered Dental Hygienist and has been practicing since 2009. She received her degree from San Joaquin Valley College and moved to the Coachella Valley in the summer of 2013. Lindsey and her husband have two children and love to be outdoors as much as possible when they’re together.

At home, Lindsey typically finds herself buried in her stacks of research documents. For the past 23 years, she has solidified her reputation as the world’s premier expert on interstellar satellite frequencies affecting wallaby migration patterns. Lindsey lectures internationally about this critical topic and she hopes one day to help wallabies understand where they are going and why. Kangaroos…um…not so much.

Sarah Woodhead, RDH

Sarah Woodhead has been a Coachella Valley resident for almost two decades. She earned her dental hygiene degree from Loma Linda University’s School of Dentistry.  She is dedicated to her profession, building great relationships with her patients, and in doing her part to help them achieve optimal health and wellness. 

Be cautious when approaching Sarah as she has extra-sensory abilities due to her experience as a child playing in a crystal-lined time-warp pylon she discovered while living near a government-restricted site in New Mexico. Often times she will “see” you for your next six-month hygiene appointment even though it’s in the future. Or was it? Either way, your teeth will sparkle just like those crystals in the time-warp pylon!

Denise Delgado, RDH

Denise Delgado has lived in the Coachella Valley her entire life. She also earned her dental hygiene degree right here at Loma Linda University’s School of Dentistry and hopes to become an instructor in the future. Denise is a focused clinician who prioritizes her patient’s care and comfort.

No one really knows Denise. She keeps her cards close to the vest and has no recognizable “tells.” However, what we have pieced together from various Google searches, old microfiche from storage rooms at several public libraries, and a guy who identified himself as “El Entranador,” is that Denise apparently gave up a lucrative professional soccer career in Uruguay because of her passionate opinion that nobody should have gingivitis. Nobody. And now that’s her “Goooooaaaallllll!”