Choosing The Right Foods To Eat For Oral Concerns

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It’s not a real surprise to anyone that our food choices impact oral health. Our diet is an integral part of our whole body’s health. Choosing the wrong foods at any time can impact how we feel and even how we heal. After getting orthodontic appliances, our food choices become even more critical. When you’re experiencing oral health concerns, including canker sores and dry mouth, food choices matter. Below we’re going to talk about some oral health concerns. For each one, we’ll touch on the foods you should select. These foods will reduce discomfort and aid in healing.

What To Eat For Various Dental Health Concerns

Your dietary choices are going to be heavily influenced by your health concerns. Orthodontics is going to require long-term vigilance to protect. Other problems, like canker sores, are only going to require attention while they persist. Some choices can make oral health concerns take longer to heal. Some can even help them heal faster. Consider the following conditions:

  • Braces and Orthodontic Treatments – This treatment comes with a long list of foods you should eat. Pizza crusts, hard candy, ice, ribs, pretzels, and peanut brittle are on the list. Surprisingly, so are corn on the cob and apples. Crunchy foods should be avoided, as should things you have to bite through. Try slicing apples and cutting corn kernels off the cob.
  • Canker Sores – You can’t cure canker sores, but it’s possible to reduce how often they show up. Spicy and acidic foods are common culprits in breakouts. These sores can be painful when they’re active. Peanut butter, milk, fruit, and potatoes are all helpful choices. Pork, chicken, and beef that’s been shredded are also helpful.
  • Dry Mouth – This condition typically results from pre-existing conditions the patient faces. This point means you should speak to your dentist or PCP about it. To help reduce symptoms, avoid tobacco, acidic drinks, and salty or spicy foods. Dry foods can be made easier to eat. Try soaking them in broth or using butter, soup, or gravy.
  • Oral Surgery –  Surgery can be required for several oral procedures. The extraction of wisdom teeth or placing dental implants, for instance. Soft foods should be your first choice while you’re healing. Beans, vegetables, meats, and eggs are good choices due to being high in nutrients.
  • Difficulty Chewing – If you’re experiencing difficulty chewing, you should also stick to soft foods. Numerous options have been discussed above, but don’t forget yogurt and ice cream.

This list is far from complete. It covers the most commonly encountered oral health concerns. If your concern isn’t listed above, it’s time to consult with your dentist.

Good Dietary Choices Can Reduce Recovery Time

We know it’s hard to avoid the foods you enjoy most. Unfortunately, not avoiding these foods can lead to longer healing times. If you’re concerned about the changes you’ll need to make as part of your recovery, call your dentist. They’ll provide valuable options that can help speed recovery time. You can also think of it as a time to expand your palate and try new things!

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