Digital Dentistry Enhances Cosmetic Dentistry Results

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It can be challenging to describe your idea of dental perfection to your dentist accurately. This is due, in part, to the difference between how dentists look at a smile and patients do. Patients often focus on the appearance of their teeth, referencing countless celebrities who have the kind of smile they want. They often go so far as to bring along photos that demonstrate the smile they dream of. They may even look at the dentist or a team member and indicate how much they want that smile. However, this doesn’t mean that they’d actually like that smile on themselves.

Digital Dentistry Enhances Cosmetic Dentistry Results

Digital dentistry involves using computer imaging to present a mock-up of the possible results to the patient. This allows them to develop an educated decision about their cosmetic choices. By editing the image and showing the patient a range of results, they can dial in exactly what the patient wants. However, producing a physical model showing potential results is also possible. Combining these two approaches helps ensure patients know what they’re likely to see.

Another essential aspect of helping patients get the results they’re dreaming of is following the cosmetic dental pyramid. This pyramid is a visual demonstration of the building blocks of a beautiful smile. It’s a three-step process that’s outlined below:

  • Bleaching – Starting with bleaching helps build a proper foundation for all the work. Bleaching ensures that a stable base shade is produced from which all other work can proceed. Without taking this step, it’s possible to impact the color of the final restoration or cosmetic improvement.
  • Orthodontic Work – As with bleaching, this stage helps to create a solid foundation for a stunning smile. Orthodontic appliances work to address issues of misalignment and malocclusion. This ensures that the teeth are straight and the bite comes together correctly. This can avoid issues with decay and problems with the jawbone down the line.
  • Periodontal Issues – With the teeth beautiful and firmly in their desired locations, the gums can be attended to. Periodontal issues impact any of the gingival (gum) tissues. Gingivitis and periodontitis can significantly impact the patient’s lasting oral health. By addressing these, the patient knows their restored and beautiful smile will last a lifetime.

Following this pyramid produces the best possible long-term results for the patient. All of the underlying frameworks of the patient’s oral health are addressed. With this foundation in place, there’s nowhere to go but up in terms of aesthetic beauty.

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There is one step that happens before the building of the dental pyramid. That step is scheduling a consultation with your dental provider to examine your oral healthcare options. They’ll perform a complete dental exam and explore the treatment options that would work best to achieve your goals. These will always begin with stabilizing your oral health. From there, it’s all about improving the beauty of your smile!

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