How Dental Injuries Can Be Treated Through Cosmetic Dentistry

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When you experience injuries to your teeth, there are many ways dentists can help correct them. Correcting these injuries requires restorative care, but also may involve cosmetic treatments as well. Using cosmetic dentistry can address the physical damage and make your teeth look fantastic as well! This is important since our smiles are more than just a way to chew food and speak clearly. They’re also part of our appearance and can make us feel wonderful.

How Cosmetic Treatments Can Help Improve Your Overall Smile

There are a lot of benefits to corrective dental work for those who are looking to improve their smile. Using different techniques, you can have a beautifully dazzling white smile and teeth that are finally straight. When teeth are chipped or damaged, you can restore them with composite resin bonding or with porcelain veneers. These options will lead to persistent improvements that don’t require invasive treatments to produce. There are other ways that cosmetic care can produce therapeutic effects for your smile. Following your oral health condition analysis, the concerns that need to be addressed can be identified. The first step of any cosmetic or restorative procedure is coming in for an introductory appointment. Your teeth will be examined and measured, and your dentist will identify the needs of your teeth.

  • Composite Resin Treatments – This composite has multiple uses in restoring the health and appearance of your teeth. Among the concerns that your dentist can address are white spot lesions, cracks and chips, and discoloration. As the composite can be tinted in the same color as your natural teeth, it also improves the appearance of your smile!
  • Restorative Crowns – When serious injuries to your teeth are present, lifelike crowns can be used to repair the damage. These crowns are durable and can be color-matched to your natural tooth color even more closely than the resin. These crowns can restore teeth that are missing a significant amount of natural tissue while still retaining the ability to withstand the pressures of chewing and speaking.
  • Preventing Damage – Studies have shown that those with misaligned teeth are more prone to experiencing accidental dental damage. This often occurs as part of an impact during sports or a fall while enjoying the outdoors. Undergoing orthodontic treatment can realign your teeth and reduce the chance of experiencing this kind of damage. As a bonus, it also will serve to improve the appearance of your smile, which for many is the primary goal.

These are three examples of where cosmetic treatments can help improve the overall appearance of your smile. Your dentist may have other suggestions for handling your oral health concerns.

Speak To Your Dentist About Restorative and Cosmetic Treatments

If you have cosmetic oral health concerns, speak to your dentist about receiving care that will simultaneously improve your teeth’ appearance and health. They can suggest a course of treatment that will address damage to your teeth. The treatment plan they develop can ensure that your teeth look and work better than ever before when the treatment is complete.

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