How Digital Technology is Used To Achieved Aesthetic Results

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Digital technology has been making waves in the dental industry in recent years. Through advanced imaging technology, dental medicine has been making cosmetic treatment more approachable than ever. Cosmetic dentistry has always involved a bit of guesswork for the dentist and patient. While the dentist could describe what they could do, it was hard to provide a clear idea of what the procedure’s outcome may look like. Similarly, the patient often found it difficult to describe what they wanted. Digital technology has provided tools to aid communication and set proper expectations for both.

How Digital Technology Helps Set Clear Expectations

Let’s start with the role dental imaging has to play. Dental imaging can create clear and precise images of the oral cavity. These images are created in 3D and can be viewed on a monitor from any angle. Further, these images can be easily transmitted to other specialists or provided directly to the patient. By viewing them with their patients, they can clearly point out problem areas and discuss treatment approaches. However, this doesn’t necessarily help the patient understand what to truly expect from cosmetic treatments.

Where digital technology really begins to shine is in the area of setting expectations. Your dentist can use these images to design a mock-up of the patient’s expectations when the treatment is finished. This can include showing the potential shades following teeth whitening or what a full set of veneers may look like. It can also show a patient’s smile following restorations and implants, ensuring that expectations match reality. Considering the potentially high cost of cosmetic dental treatments, many patients find this degree of certainty comforting. Dental imaging helps to:

  • Provide outcome previews
  • Clear indications of patient desires
  • Demonstration of multiple treatment options
  • Set patient expectations
  • Ease patient concern and prevent buyers remorse

This provides confidence regardless of whether you’re investing in professional whitening or are considering orthodontic care. Even better, you’ll be able to visually identify the difference between potential treatment choices. It doesn’t end there, however. Once you’ve decided to invest in a particular treatment style, these images also help your dentist. With a clear image of your oral structures, they can effectively plan out your care confidently. This results in improved results and a better experience for all involved.

Contact Your Dentist For Additional Guidance

Innovation is ongoing in the area of dental technology. The introduction of devices like oral cameras and CRCT has helped to provide greater success in all areas of dental treatment. For years patients have had to guess what their cosmetic treatments would look like when finished. Now you can make decisions with confidence. Speak to your dentist to determine what form of imaging they have available and how they’re used in your care. They’ll work with you to design your treatment plan and ensure that the results will be something that will please you.

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