How to Care for Your Invisalign® Aligners

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The introduction of the Invisalign® system revolutionized how orthodontic dental care is performed. Comfortable, convenient, and easy to use, they represent a major leap forward in treatment options for the patient. However, to experience the benefits these incredible innovations have to offer, they must be properly cared for throughout your treatment. Desert Pearl Dentistry is happy to provide a comprehensive breakdown of the steps involved in caring for your Invisalign® aligners so that you can get the most out of your orthodontic adjustment.

Invisalign®Aligners: Care And Maintenance

The crucial thing you can do to care for your Invisalign® aligners is maintain a steady oral hygiene routine. Just as you do each morning and evening with your teeth, make sure to clean your Invisalign® trays each morning. This is best done with a soft-bristled brush and an antibacterial soap that is gentle and mild. Toothpaste isn’t a good option due to its abrasive nature. The mild grit within the toothpaste can mar the surface of your aligners, dulling their appearance and introducing places for bacteria to hide. Every time you remove them, be sure to rinse them before you replace them in your mouth thoroughly. Your brushing and flossing routine must be completed before you put on your Invisalign® aligners in the morning to ensure no food or bacteria is trapped beneath.

  • Avoid Staining – While your aligners are resilient and easy to clean, they can be subject to staining if not cared for properly. The essential thing you can do to prevent staining is to remove them when consuming substances that may do so. These substances include coffee, wine, soda, tea, and other colored beverages. Especially acidic beverages should also be avoided to protect the transparent nature of the Invisalign® trays.
  • Safe Storage – You should never remove your aligners for more than 2 hours daily. However, you should return them to their case while they are removed. This decreases the likelihood of an accident, loss, or contamination of the aligner. Further, It will protect them from becoming damaged. Placing them in tissue paper or napkins risks their being mistaken for trash.
  • Careful Handling – While durable, the Invisalign® trays can become damaged if handled roughly. You should therefore be careful when putting them in or removing them. Apply equal pressure to the aligners when you remove them or replace them. Excess force can cause them to become misaligned or to crack under pressure.

These tips ensure that your Invisalign® aligners last the duration as they do the work of improving your smile.

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