The Forces That Are Changing How Men Get Dental Care

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There’s a pervasive misunderstanding about the nature of cosmetic dentistry that women are the sole consumers. Over the years, this has been somewhat supported by statistics showing that women are the majority of those receiving cosmetic care. However, this trend appears to be changing. Crowns, veneers, and implants have all shown a rising consumption by men seeking aesthetic care. This trend seems to be in response to a growing understanding that cosmetic dentistry is about more than just our appearance. A stunning smile can have a significant impact on our overall oral health. It can also impact our lives in surprising and potentially unexpected ways.

The Forces That Are Changing How Men Get Dental Care

As understanding how these treatments affect our lives grows, so does the demographic consuming it. Our teeth and smile are some of the first things that other people notice, forming an important part of first impressions. Similarly, they impact how we think about ourselves. Beyond this, cosmetic treatments often affect our oral health beyond mere appearance. Correcting the alignment of our teeth, for instance, makes dental hygiene practices easier and more effective. This is really just the beginning.

  • Misaligned Teeth: Correcting this concern can improve the bite, making oral hygiene easier. It can also reduce our risks of developing problems with our temporomandibular joint and help ensure wear and tear is even across all teeth.
  • Missing Teeth and Dental Gaps: Gaps in our teeth can cause multiple concerns. First, it exposes a larger part of our dental surface to decay. These gaps can also lead to our teeth moving out of alignment. Every tooth in our mouth depends on every other tooth to hold position and do its job properly. This support is impaired with a gap between teeth or a missing tooth.

So what has stood in the way of more men consuming aesthetic dentistry? Largely this has been due to social forces. The idea that focusing on aesthetic concerns is unmanly has been a major contributing factor for many years. Thankfully, this toxic idea of masculinity is changing, leading more men to focus on their aesthetics and overall health. This has led to more people of all genders pursuing oral health care. Other reasons that men are seeking aesthetic dental care is a growing understanding of the following impacts of cosmetic dentistry:

  • Dental Health: The importance of a healthy smile cannot be understated. Getting cosmetic dentistry can impact all areas of our oral health, as outlined above.
  • Mental Health: Another concept that has seen growing acceptance among men is the importance of our mental health. Improving our smile so that we’re proud to share it can lead to self-esteem growth, leading to greater confidence.
  • Social Life: Few areas of our social life are not impacted by a good first impression. Others respond well to both our confidence and a beautiful smile. This has been shown to be true in social encounters, career advancement, and romantic engagements.

Speak to your dentist to discover which cosmetic dental treatments you can benefit from. They’ll help discuss your options and develop a treatment plan.

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