The Newest Cosmetic and Restorative Products This Year

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Perhaps more than any other form of dentistry, cosmetic and restoration dentistry lives and dies by the products it uses. The tools involved in these processes are often expensive and represent an immense investment on the part of the practice. However, they also are essential to producing the best possible results from these treatments. The better the quality and reputation of the product, the greater the likelihood that the patient will get the results they were dreaming of. Find out what products are in use now and those coming in the future below.

The Newest Cosmetic and Restorative Products This Year

During your visit to a cosmetic dental office, you may discover many procedures that are used to improve your smile and correct aesthetic imperfections. These techniques require significant amounts of skill and technical knowledge to execute. Even before the procedure begins, your dentist’s knowledge is coming into play. They have to select an approach that will produce the results you desire without impacting the health of your teeth. As a result, these specialists are always seeking new forms of cosmetic and restorative products to better serve their patients. The first qualifier is that they’ve been approved by the FDA or ADA.

  • Composite Systems: These systems are often central to repairing tooth structures and performing restorations. Every dentist may apply their own technique to these procedures, but the materials they use are fairly consistent. Omnichroma Flow is a popular option that delivers a matching tooth shade while being durable enough for restorations to the sides and front of the teeth. Venus Pearl One is another option that blends seamlessly into the surrounding teeth and can create an easy and effective restoration quickly.
  • Universal Bonding Systems: These materials are used to prime the tooth for restoration by applying bonding material. Getting the right adhesive for these procedures is essential. Most dentists will rely on well-established names like 3M for their RelyX Universal Resin and Adhesive system. This system is known for delivering optimal strength while being a universal primer. KaVo Kerr OptiBond Universal Solution is another popular option that is compatible with all composites and cement.
  • Temporary Cement: Speaking of cement, temporary cement is an essential element of restorations. Temporary cement is used to hold temporary bridges and crowns in place until the permanent replacement arrives. Provincial QM Aesthetic temporary cement is one popular option for temporary cement.
  • Bioceramic Restoratives: This type of material is popular in restorations as it interacts naturally with the body’s natural systems. Pulpdent Activa Bioactive Restorative and Ceramir Restore Quickcap are two popular products in this category.
  • Whitening Systems: There’s an ongoing quest among dentists to find a better method of whitening teeth. The ongoing demand for whitening services has boosted the availability of new systems. Kor Whitening System and SDI Pola In-Office Whitening System are some of the recent favorites.

Talk To Your Dentist To Learn More

If you want to discover which products your dentist is using as part of your ongoing care, reach out for an appointment today. They’ll be happy to explain what they use and how they believe it benefits the results they achieve for their patients.

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